Exploring Kratom’s Health Benefits: 5 Ways Kratom Products Could Enhance Well-Being 

Mitragyna speciosa, more commonly known as kratom, is a therapeutic herb from Southeast Asia. The plant is native to Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, and Papua New Guinea.  

In these countries, locals have chewed kratom leaves for centuries to relieve pain and promote wound healing. Emerging scientific evidence suggests that the herb may treat a broad spectrum of other health issues.  

This article shall delve into the five ways kratom may enhance your well-being. 

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1. Kratom May Relieve Pain and Discomfort 

Pain (due to musculoskeletal conditions) is a leading cause of disability worldwide. It also accounts for billions in lost workplace productivity.  

Kratom may not magically take your pain away. But the herb can make the condition bearable while it lasts.  

Kratom relieves pain by impacting a group of opioid receptors that relay pain signals from various body parts to the brain. The herb mimics the effects of conventional opioid medications like codeine, except that it has a higher safety profile.  

Kratom’s opioid-like effects explain why many experts recommend it for managing opioid withdrawal symptoms. Recovering opioid addicts can gradually replace these drugs with kratom without suffering severe withdrawal symptoms or risking relapse.  

Even more exciting is that kratom is legal in many countries, including Canada. According to Canadian food and drug regulations, kratom Canada legal, provided that it’s not sold for oral consumption.  

However, traders have found loopholes around this restriction without running afoul of the law. For instance, some supplement stores offer kratom as a ‘giveaway’ when you purchase other herbal products.  

2. Kratom May Alleviate Inflammation 

Chronic pain is tough enough. But it’s worse if the pain occurs alongside inflammation. Unfortunately, the two conditions are generally comorbid.  

Not only can kratom relieve pain. This potent Asian herb has also proven effective against inflammation.  

A 2017 review of preexisting studies found that kratom improved various inflammation markers, such as pain and swelling. The review also found that the herb could suppress appetite and boost immunity.  

Kratom’s anti-inflammatory properties are largely due to its inhibitory effects on cytokine signaling.  

Cytokines are proteins that serve as the body’s key inflammatory messengers. More cytokines in the bloodstream corresponds with a higher sensitivity to inflammation. By desensitizing these proteins, kratom reduces dramatic reactions to inflammatory signals.  

Note that kratom may react adversely with some anti-inflammatory drugs. So, consult your doctor before using the herb for inflammatory disorders.  

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3. Kratom May Supercharge Your Energy Levels 

Fatigue is another major hindrance to productivity. For people with chronic fatigue, that could translate into hundreds of dollars in losses every month.  

It turns out that supplementing with kratom might optimize your energy levels.  

Kratom comes from the same botanical family as coffee. So, it’s unsurprising that both herbs share similar energizing properties.  

According to the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA), young Muslims in southern Thailand have consumed kratom for centuries for its stimulating properties. Many anecdotal reports suggest the herb provides effects similar to alcohol, only more uplifting.  

One way to maximize kratom’s energizing properties is to add it to your breakfast routine. The herb can provide the energy bursts required to dispatch otherwise daunting tasks.  

You might also consider taking kratom alongside energy drinks for compounded effects. Just ensure the other product is free from chemicals that might impede kratom’s efficacy. 

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4. Kratom May Calm Your Nerves 

Kratom has also been investigated for its potential anxiolytic properties.  

A 2017 review corroborated the many anecdotal reports citing kratom for its ability to fight stress and anxiety. Most of the reviewed studies proved that the herb could improve anxiety’s core symptoms, including nervousness and mood swings.  

Kratom’s anxiolytic properties subsequently make it a potential remedy for sleep disorders like insomnia. Consuming the herb in the evening might improve sleep quality by reducing sleep onset time.  

Note that kratom is biphasic. In other words, its overall effects depend on the doses consumed.  

Kratom is generally stimulating at low doses. But as you increase the serving amounts, the herb gradually becomes sedating.  

The type of strain consumed also determines whether kratom may end up more uplifting than soothing. White-vein strains are typically energizing, while red-vein strains are relaxing. If you’re suffering from both chronic fatigue and anxiety disorders, then green vein kratom may be the best strain for you.  

5. Kratom May Optimize Your Sex Life 

Erectile dysfunction (ED) affects millions worldwide. The fact that many ED victims choose to suffer in silence poses severe challenges in addressing this condition.  

But for those who’ve already discovered kratom, every sexual encounter is an experience to relish forever.  

As a stimulant, kratom can induce blood circulation to various body parts, including the sexual organs. This is necessary for stronger and longer-lasting erections.  

Kratom’s analgesic effects might also come in handy for sexual partners suffering from dyspareunia (intercourse-induced pain). And as a stress reliever, the herb may combat sexual performance anxiety, a leading cause of premature ejaculation.  

In the same vein, it’s worth noting that erectile dysfunction is one of the adverse effects of kratom overdose. It’s best to stop using kratom for ED if your condition deteriorates. 

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Wrap Up 

There’s a lot to benefit from integrating kratom into your wellness routine. Remember that while this Asian herb has a high safety profile, adverse effects aren’t unheard of.  

Kratom can trigger a range of adverse reactions if overdosed. Moderating your serving amounts is vital to enjoying the herb’s healing properties without suffering unintended effects.  

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