GTA 5 Prison Heist Guide

The ‘Prison Heist’ is one of the first few Grand Theft Auto V heists made available to players in GTA Online. It requires a total of three teammates, as well as acquiring a few guns and vehicles before being able to do the GTA 5 heist itself. Up to $500,000 can be made in total, depending on the level of difficulty a gamer chooses.

In this guide, we will walk through the setup and Grand Theft Auto 5 mission so that players can nail the GTA V Prison Heist on their first try. Let’s get started!

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The Setup

First things first, players should decide what role they are going to play in this GTA heist. There will be a pilot, a ground team, and a demolitions expert. Within the ground team, one player will pose as a guard, and the other as an inmate.

There are 3 setup GTA V missions that players will have to complete before reaching the finale. We recommend maxing out your armour and ammo before starting the Grand Theft Auto 5 missions. In terms of weapons, assault rifles such as the Special Carbine will come in handy.

In the first setup GTA 5 mission, players will have to steal an aircraft from a nearby airbase, specifically the McKenzie Airbase owned by the Contraband Smugglers. Next, a transport bus needs to be stolen near Sandy Shores and finally, 2 players will need to obtain a cop car and the transport schedule from a police station, while the other 2 will have to get Rashkovsky’s stolen car back from a cargo ship in the last setup GTA Online mission.

The Heist

Once players are done with the setup missions, the Grand Theft Auto V heist is unlocked. Now, each player has to stick to his/her role. The Ground Team will infiltrate the prison and take out the guards. We recommend using suppressed weapons for this. The pilot will need to provide air support during this while demolitions will blow stuff up to clear a path.

Now is the time to mention that players should have an Armored Kuruma ready to go in case their aeroplane gets blown out of the sky. Once the ground team escorts the prisoner (Rashkovsky) out, the pilot picks everyone up and tries to lose the wanted levels. Pretty simple, right?

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