How Long to Beat Your Favorite Games: A Quick Guide

Welcome to a detailed exploration of ‘How Long to Beat’. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or a newcomer to the world of video games, understanding the average time it takes to complete a game can be invaluable. Knowing the approximate duration of a game can help you plan your gaming sessions, set realistic expectations, and decide which games to tackle next. Let’s dive into this fascinating topic!

What Does ‘How Long to Beat’ Mean?

‘How Long to Beat’ is a popular online resource that provides estimates on the average time required to complete various video games. This platform aggregates data from gamers worldwide who voluntarily submit their playtime information. As a result, ‘How Long to Beat’ offers valuable insights into the typical duration of different games, including main storylines, completionist runs, and more.

Types of Game Durations

When exploring ‘How Long to Beat’, you’ll encounter different categories of game durations, each offering a unique perspective on the time investment required:

  • Main Story: This category indicates the average time it takes to complete a game’s primary storyline without engaging in optional side quests or activities.
  • Main + Extras: Here, you’ll find the estimated duration to complete the main story along with some additional side content or optional objectives.
  • Completionist: The completionist category showcases the time needed to fully explore and complete every aspect of a game, including side quests, collectibles, and more.

Factors Influencing Game Duration

Several factors can influence how long it takes to beat a game:

  • Game Genre: Different genres, such as action, role-playing, or adventure, may have varying gameplay lengths.
  • Difficulty Level: Playing on higher difficulty settings can extend the time needed to complete a game.
  • Player Skill: Individual player skill and familiarity with game mechanics can impact completion times.
  • Exploration: The extent to which a player explores the game world and completes optional content affects overall playtime.

Using ‘How Long to Beat’ for Gaming Decisions

Whether you’re looking to start a new game or decide which title to tackle next from your backlog, ‘How Long to Beat’ can be a valuable tool in your decision-making process. Here’s how you can leverage this resource effectively:

  1. Setting Expectations: By checking the estimated completion times on ‘How Long to Beat’, you can set realistic expectations for how long a game will take to finish.
  2. Planning Your Schedule: Knowing the average playtime of a game can help you plan your gaming sessions and allocate time accordingly.
  3. Choosing Games: If you have limited time to play, ‘How Long to Beat’ can assist you in selecting games that fit your available gaming hours.
  4. Exploring New Genres: Use the platform to explore games of different genres and durations to broaden your gaming experiences.
How Long to Beat Your Favorite Games: A Quick Guide


Community Contributions and Accuracy

The strength of ‘How Long to Beat’ lies in its community-driven nature. Gamers from around the world contribute their playtime data, resulting in a diverse range of estimates for each game. While these estimates are generally accurate, it’s essential to keep in mind that individual playstyles and preferences can lead to variations in completion times.

Popular Games and Their Average Durations

Curious about how long some of the most popular games take to beat? Let’s take a look at a few examples:

Game Title Main Story Main + Extras Completionist
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 50 hours 75 hours 150 hours
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 50 hours 100 hours 200 hours
Red Dead Redemption 2 40 hours 60 hours 100 hours

These estimates can give you a sense of the time investment required for some of gaming’s biggest titles. However, remember that individual playstyles may vary.

How Long to Beat Your Favorite Games: A Quick Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

How Does How Long To Beat Work?

How Long to Beat is a user-driven database that tracks how long it takes to beat video games.

Can I Trust The Accuracy Of How Long To Beat?

Yes, the data on How Long to Beat is sourced from actual players who have completed the games, ensuring accuracy.

What Factors Affect A Game’s Completion Time?

The main factors that can affect a game’s completion time include difficulty level, player skill, and amount of side quests completed.

Can I Submit My Own Completion Times To How Long To Beat?

Absolutely! How Long to Beat relies on user submissions to ensure its accuracy and completeness.


In conclusion, ‘How Long to Beat’ is a valuable resource for gamers seeking insights into game durations. By utilizing this platform, you can make informed decisions about which games to play, plan your gaming schedule effectively, and set realistic expectations for your gaming experiences. Remember that while ‘How Long to Beat’ provides useful estimates, your own playstyle and preferences will ultimately shape your individual gaming journey. Happy gaming!

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