How to Tell How Old a Kitten is: Quick Age Guide

Are you wondering how to determine the age of a kitten? Whether you’ve found a stray kitten or adopted one, knowing their age can help you provide the best care for them. Kittens grow and develop rapidly during their first few months of life, making it essential to estimate their age accurately. Here are some key factors to consider when trying to determine how old a kitten is:

How to Tell How Old a Kitten is: Quick Age Guide


Physical Characteristics

One of the most reliable ways to estimate a kitten’s age is by looking at their physical characteristics. Newborn kittens are born with their eyes closed and ears folded. Their umbilical cord stump is still attached, and they are completely dependent on their mother for warmth and nourishment.

As kittens grow, their eyes will start to open between 7 to 10 days of age. By two weeks, their ears will begin to unfold and stand upright. The presence of baby teeth can also give you an indication of their age. Kittens typically start getting their baby teeth at around 2 to 4 weeks old.

At around 3 weeks of age, kittens will become more mobile and start to explore their surroundings. They will also begin to develop their coordination and balance. By 4 weeks, their baby teeth will be fully erupted, and they will start to wean off their mother’s milk and transition to solid food.

Between 4 to 8 weeks, kittens will experience rapid growth and development. Their eyes will change color from blue to their permanent shade, and their ears will become fully erect. At this stage, they will become more playful and independent.

From 8 weeks onwards, kittens are considered fully weaned and can eat solid food. They will continue to grow and mature, reaching adolescence at around 6 months of age.

Weight and Size

Another way to estimate a kitten’s age is by looking at their weight and size. Newborn kittens typically weigh between 3 to 4 ounces at birth and double their weight within the first week. By the time they are 4 weeks old, kittens should weigh around 13 to 14 ounces.

Between 4 to 8 weeks, kittens will experience a significant growth spurt, with their weight increasing rapidly. At 8 weeks, most kittens will weigh around 2 pounds and will continue to gain weight steadily as they mature.

How to Tell How Old a Kitten is: Quick Age Guide


Behavioral Development

Observing a kitten’s behavior can also give you clues about their age. Younger kittens will spend most of their time sleeping and eating, while older kittens will be more active and playful. By 3 to 4 weeks, kittens will start to show interest in exploring their environment and interacting with their littermates.

At around 5 to 6 weeks, kittens will become more social and will start to play with toys and engage in interactive play with humans. They will also start to groom themselves and show more independence from their mother.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Determine The Age Of A Kitten?

To determine a kitten’s age, examine its physical characteristics such as eyes, teeth, and weight.

What Are The Signs Of A Newborn Kitten?

Newborn kittens are typically small, wrinkly, and have closed eyes and ears. They also have no teeth.

How Do I Tell The Age Of A Kitten By Its Teeth?

A kitten’s teeth can help determine its age. Baby teeth start to come in at around 2-4 weeks old, and permanent teeth come in at around 3-4 months old.

Can A Veterinarian Determine A Kitten’s Age?

Yes, a veterinarian can determine a kitten’s age more accurately by examining its teeth, weight, and overall health.


Estimating a kitten’s age can be a fun and rewarding experience. By considering their physical characteristics, weight, size, and behavior, you can make an educated guess about how old a kitten is. Remember that these are general guidelines, and individual kittens may develop at different rates.

Providing proper care and attention to kittens of all ages is essential for their health and well-being. Whether you have a tiny newborn or a rambunctious adolescent, being a responsible pet parent means catering to their specific needs at every stage of their development.

Next time you come across a kitten and wonder about their age, use these tips to help you make an informed estimate. Watching a kitten grow and thrive is a joyous experience, and knowing their age can deepen your understanding and bond with your feline friend.

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