Master MTG Articles Essential for Going from Novice to Pro

Are you a novice Magic: The Gathering player looking to take your skills to the next level? Perhaps you’re a seasoned pro seeking the latest strategies and insights to stay ahead of the game. No matter where you are on your MTG journey, this ultimate collection of articles is your go-to resource for all things Magic: The Gathering.

Best MTG Decks Right Now

As you progress in your MTG journey, it’s crucial to stay updated on the best decks in the current meta. From Simic Soul Cauldron to Bant Toxic and Dimir Control, these decks are making waves in the Standard format. Knowing the top decks and their strategies can give you a competitive edge in your gameplay.

Ravnica Remastered and Card Legality

With the release of Ravnica Remastered, it’s essential to understand the legality of these cards in different formats. While they are legal for Constructed play in certain formats, it’s important to be aware of which cards are permitted in Standard, Pioneer, and other formats. This knowledge will help you build decks that comply with the rules of your chosen format.

Maximizing Your Hand Size

Understanding the maximum hand size rule in MTG is fundamental for players at all levels. Each player has a maximum hand size of seven cards, and any excess cards must be discarded during the cleanup step. Mastering this rule is crucial for efficient hand management during gameplay.

Beginner’s Guide to MTG

For beginners, starting with pre-constructed starter decks and kits is the ideal way to ease into the MTG universe. These specially crafted decks provide a well-balanced selection of cards that highlight the game’s mechanics, making them perfect for new players. This comprehensive guide will help you kickstart your journey into the world of Magic: The Gathering.

Must-Read Articles for Novices

If you’re new to MTG articles, there are several must-read articles that provide valuable insights and perspectives on the game. From beginner’s guides to navigating the overwhelming aspects of MTG, these articles offer essential advice and strategies for novices looking to improve their skills.

Legacy Format and Timeless Lessons

For those seeking a challenge, the Legacy format offers a unique and complex MTG experience. Whether you’re a novice or a pro, delving into the Legacy format can provide valuable lessons and insights that transcend time. Learn from the experiences of seasoned players and expand your knowledge of MTG in this compelling format.

Deck Building and Starting Point

Building your first deck is an exciting milestone in your MTG journey. Understanding the composition of spells and creatures and finding a starting point for your deck are crucial steps for every player. This article provides essential guidance for beginners venturing into the world of deck building.

MTG Arena Guide for Beginners

If you’re just getting into MTG Arena, a comprehensive guide can help you navigate the intricacies of the platform. From understanding the basics to advanced strategies, this guide is designed to equip beginners with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in the MTG Arena.

Pro Tour Thunder Junction and Metagame Mentor

For aspiring pro players, predicting the metagame at events like Pro Tour Thunder Junction is essential for success. Understanding the current and potential future decks in the meta can give you a competitive advantage and help you prepare for high-stakes tournaments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Mtg Deck Right Now?

The best MTG deck currently is the Soul Cauldron, Bant Toxic, and Dimir Control decks. These decks are performing exceptionally well.

Is Ravnica Remastered Legal In Modern?

Ravnica Remastered is legal in the Modern format. It is allowed for Constructed play in any format that already permits it. However, please note that some cards from Ravnica Remastered may not be legal in Standard or Pioneer formats. For a complete list of formats and permitted card sets, you can visit Magic.

Wizards. com/Formats.

Should You Always Have 7 Cards In Mtg?

In Magic: The Gathering, players usually have a maximum hand size of seven cards. During the cleanup step, if a player has more than seven cards, they must discard down to seven.

What Should I Buy First When Starting Mtg?

To start your MTG journey, it is recommended to purchase pre-constructed starter decks and kits. These beginner-friendly options provide a well-balanced selection of cards that showcase the game’s mechanics and include all the essentials to kickstart your MTG experience.


Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro, the world of Magic: The Gathering is filled with endless opportunities for growth and improvement. By leveraging the wealth of knowledge and insights provided in these articles, you can elevate your MTG skills and embark on a rewarding journey through the multiverse of Magic: The Gathering.

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